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The Butterfly on Speed

No, seriously.

9 November 1988
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As my name says, I'm like a butterfly on speed; my attention span is short lived and though I try, I flit spastically from one interest to another. It prevents me from doing much more than lurking. I'm lucky if I can remember what I'm doing today, so if I offend you for some reason (unless you've stumbled across something you don't agree with in my fanfiction), I swear that I don't do it intentionally. I dislike conflict, since I'm a pretty easygoing person. The most consistent thing in my interests is CLAMP manga and all the stuff that goes along with it. I'm currently in the middle of collecting all the CLAMP no Kiseki books, along with the CLAMP in 3D Land figures.

لاشيء يصحّ, كلّ شيء سمحت


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